Knee Pain

5 Common Causes of Knee Pain and How to Find Relief

Most people experience pain in one or both of their knees at some point in their life. And without a knee pain treatment plan, chronic pain in your knees can hold you back from living the life you really want to live. Keep reading to learn more about the five most common causes of knee pain and how to treat it.

1. Injured ligament

Extreme sports, strenuous activities, accidents and even an awkward twist of the body can all result in a torn or broken ligament. Torn ligaments can be mended with the help of a physiotherapist from The Centre for Physiotherapy in Toronto. Broken ligaments usually need to be treated with surgery.

2. Injured cartilage
Cartilage is a tough, flexible tissue that prevents your shin and thigh bones from grinding together. The cartilage is like a shock absorber that cushions bones from the everyday stresses of walking, running and moving about. Sports, exercise or even simply twisting your knee wrong can result in torn cartilage. It’s a fairly common injury but often requires surgery.

3. Patellar tendonitis
Tendons are thick tissues that attach the muscles in your legs to the surrounding bones. Patellar tendonitis is caused by inflammation and repeated overuse from high impact activities like running and jumping. A good knee pain treatment plan can help you alleviate the pain of patellar tendonitis.

4. Arthritis
There are several different types of arthritis, but the most common is osteoarthritis. Osteoarthritis occurs as the cartilage thins and degenerates over time. It can make your knees feel stiff, sore and hard to bend. You may also experience swelling and tenderness around the knee. A custom knee brace from our Toronto office can help you to unload and stabilize the joint and regain your mobility.

5. Misalignment
Back, hip and foot pain can put serious strain on your knees if the pain is changing the way that you walk, sit or stand. Make an appointment with one of the professional physiotherapists at The Centre for Physiotherapy in Toronto today for an individualized treatment plan that will help you put the swing back in your step.

Finding relief
For at home knee pain treatment, use the PRICE treatment every day:


Protect yourself from further injury by getting plenty of rest, applying ice several times of day, compressing your knee with a custom knee brace and elevating your legs often. Over-the-counter pain medicines can offer additional relief.

For an individualized assessment and custom knee pain treatment plan, visit The Centre for Physiotherapy today. Contact us now to book an appointment and put yourself on the road to recovery.